“I’m looking for UP TO SIX revenue leaders - VP, CRO, or CEO - to coach 1:1 and grow your revenue”

If you’re a SaaS VP Sales, CRO, CEO, or entrepreneur, I will personally work with you 1:1 and in group “inner circle” coaching to grow your revenue, business, and career over the next 12 months.

Expert Coaching For Every Aspect of Revenue Growth

Manage Your People

Hire A+ Team Members
Coach and Train for Sales Excellence
Motivate and Incentive Success
Build a Culture of High Performance

Manage Your Market

Ideal Customer Profile Development
Manage Your Pipeline Like a Revenue Factory
Build Predictable Lead Generation
Acquire, Retain, and Expand Customers

Manage Your Business

Improve Win Rates, ACV, and Sales Cycle
Run Your Business By the Metrics
Predict and Deliver an Accurate Forecast
Manage Up, Sideways, And Down

Here’s What You Get

(Up to Six Clients at a Time)
60 Minute Group Coaching
Get a 60 minute Group Coaching call every two weeks with 4-6 other revenue leaders.
High-Level Networking
High-Level Networking with high caliber revenue leaders.
Private Texting Access
You will get exclusive private texting access to Chris Orlob.
60 Minute 1:1 Coaching
60 minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Chris Orlob once a month.

Required Qualifications
and Pricing

(Up to Six Clients at a Time)
$1M ARR minimum
$200M ARR maximum
CEO, VP Sales, CRO, or Head of Sales
$9,000 per quarter

Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob is a revenue leader, entrepreneur, and the #1 sales trainer and revenue leadership coach specifically for SaaS in the nation. 

He played a central role in growing a SaaS company called Gong.io from less than $200,000 in ARR to over $200 million in a five year span, resulting in a $7.2 billion valuation. Since then, hundreds of thousands of SaaS sellers and revenue leaders have taken his trainings, coaching, and used his revenue growth techniques to grow their income, revenue, and business to life-altering new levels.

Chris Orlob is the founder and CEO of pclub.io, and author of six best-selling online courses, including SaaS Discovery Masterclass, which is currently the #1 and most popular online training program for SaaS salespeople on the planet.

He has been honored by LinkedIn and Salesforce.com as one of the “Top Sales Voices In the World.” Companies like Blackbaud, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Gainsight, and hundreds of others have used his training platform, enablement services, and tapped him for personal coaching. 

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